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We specialize in turning struggling students into confident and successful learners.

We support students at our learning center, in your home and throughout North America.

Now you can be sure that your child reaches full academic potential.

Schools assume that children come pre-wired to learn. They teach children WHAT to learn, not HOW to learn. When children don't have strong core learning skills, school becomes increasingly difficult and reading and learning suffer.

Children with learning disabilities have one thing in common - one or more weak cognitive skills.  Whether a child is gifted or intellectually challenged, cognitive skills can be strengthened to maximize learning potential.

No two autistic children have the same set of challenges.  Our adaptive and individualized programs are a first line of intervention for children living with autism.  The BC Ministry covers our fees for children on the spectrum.

By grade four children are expected to read as a gateway to learning.  If reading and comprehension are not fully developed by grade four, a chain of events is set in motion that can negatively impact a child for a life-time.

What we do

We teach life long learning skills.


We will identify the root cause of your child's learning challenge and customize a program to solve it.  


Based on parent satisfaction of children who complete the program, we boast a 95% success rate!


We are so confident in our ability to solve learning challenges, that we offer a money back guarantee.*


The results are dramatic, permanent, and fast.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give every struggling student an opportunity to make reading and learning easier and faster. We believe that every student should enjoy learning. At Reading & Learning PATHWAYS we are dedicated to helping students achieve their full academic potential.

Physicians and Professionals

Reading & Learning PATHWAYS offers professionals a scientifically rigorous approach and supportive place to refer clients who struggle with language based learning challenges. 


We specialize in the administration of a program - based in the science of neuroplasticity -  that makes rapid and permanent improvements in language and reading. 

Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is a safe and nurturing environment where your child's achievements, large and small, are recognized and celebrated.  We love seeing children's learning ability, confidence and self-esteem blossom.
Reading & Learning PATHWAYS serves students in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby and is the only Learning Center on the North Shore that exclusively specializes in the administration of these life-changing programs.  We also specialize in the off-site administration of our learning solutions throughout North America and offer a comprehensive parent tutorial to optimize home study.
Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is a distinguished provider of Scientific Learning's Fast ForWord software and a proud finalist of the North Shore News' 2015 Reader's Choice Awards for favorite Educational Program.
*Tuition refunded for full-time on-site students if you are not 100% satisfied at the end of the first month.
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