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Weakness in attention often results in:

  • Needing instructions to be repeated

  • Poor listening skills

  • Difficulty following conversations

  • Easily distracted

  • Mind wanders

  • Missing important information

  • Impulsive

  • Difficulty starting tasks

  • Poor academic performance

Attention can be learned

Reading & Learning PATHWAYS uses scientifically proven programs to develop a child's (or adult's) ability to sustain focus and attention. The programs we use at PATHWAYS develop the skills essential for academic success, restore confidence, are fun, fast and last a life-time. 


Call us today and schedule an assessment to determine if our programs are right for your child. The cost of the assessment is under $200 and is refunded if you decide to study with us. Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is dedicated to the success of all of our students. It is our mission to make every student's experience at our learning center a positive and life-changing opportunity.


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is the only learning center in North Vancouver and West Vancouver that specializes in the administration of these life changing programs that will dramatically improve your child's attention skills in the classroom and beyond.

Skills Assessment

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