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Cognitive Skills Assessment

Weak Cognitive Skills can be Identified and Strengthened

We are able to quickly and cost effectively identify if weak cognitive skills are impacting learning. The percentile scoring included in our report closely correlate to those achieved on a psycho-educational assessment. Our reports are easy to understand and are a fraction of the cost of a psycho-educational assessment.


This particular assessment (page one as seen to the right) identifies a child with an auditory

processing challenge.  80% of instruction in the

classroom is oral so this child is missing a

significant portion of what is being taught in the classroom.

The assessment takes about an hour and most

children enjoy it.  After the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report identifying your child's learning strengths and weaknesses and a one hour consultation to review the results.

Learn if weak cognitive skills are impacting your child's learning.

If weak cognitive skills are impacting your child's learning, we are confident that our individualized programs will help. Cognitive skills are not fixed and can be strengthened.

Call us today and schedule an assessment to determine if our programs are right for your child. The cost of the assessment is under $200 and is refunded if you decide to study with us. Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is dedicated to the success of all of our students. It is our mission to make every student's experience at our learning center a positive and life-changing opportunity.


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is the only learning center in North Vancouver and West Vancouver that specializes in administering these life changing programs that will dramatically improve your child's attention skills in the classroom and beyond.

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