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  • Individualized programs

  • Group or one-on-one

  • Maximize reading and learning

  • Ministry funded programs

  • First line of intervention for young children

Every Autistic child is unique:

Contact us today and give your child the opportunity to maximize their learning potential



My son Matthew has finished the first 2 modules of the brain training exercises at Reading & Learning Pathways.  Matthew has autism and, I want Matthew to fit in with his peers. I was impressed with the centres optimism in retraining his brain.


Matthew has miraculously connected to the outside world in ways I never thought possible. Now, he is sociable, active in school, athletic, and asks questions all the time. He has progressed from a shy, inward soul to an outward and upward thinking child.


Matthew is presently studying the 3rd module of the Pathways program. This will help him with reading, comprehension, and writing connections. I am amazed at how quickly he is making connections to words and deciphering how a sentence is structured. I am confident that he will be able to do high school level projects when he is finished.


Choosing Pathways is the best decision I have ever made in my quest for my child's learning development. I now feel confident that my son is on his way to becoming an independent learner!       Thank-you Pathways 

                                                                                                                                                  Janet McDonald - Parent


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS uses powerful programs to help children with Autism. No two autistic children present with the same set of challenges, PATHWAYS customizes programs for each autistic child to maximize their learning potential. Funding for these programs is available through The Ministry of Children and Family Development. 


PATHWAYS is the only learning centre in North Vancouver and West Vancouver that specializes in the delivery of these life-changing programs to autistic children.  The Australian Government has identified the same programs used by PATHWAYS as a first line of intervention for young children diagnosed with Autism. 


The programs we use develop a child's neural connections that optimize learning potential.  Once neural pathways are strong, we introduce a rich reading program that accommodates pre-readers through high-school. 


Children are assessed to determine what style of coaching is best suited for them. Asperger's Syndrome and high functioning children are candidates for our small group sessions while others may require one-on-one coaching. The programs we use at PATHWAYS develop the skills essential for academic success, restore confidence, are fun, fast and last a life-time. 


Call us today to determine if our programs are right for your child. Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is dedicated to the success of all of our students. It is our mission to make every student's experience at our learning center a positive and life-changing opportunity.

Our programs qualify for funding from the Ministry of Children and Family Development

Dr. Michael M. Merzenich, ranked among the world's top neuroscientists, explains the impact Fast ForWord has on autistic children.  Dr. Merzenich was recently awarded the Kavli prize in neuroscience for his work on brain plasticity.
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