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General Academic Weakness

Signs that your child may be suffering from general academic weakness:



  • Grades do not reflect ability (Read about The Intelligence Factor...)

  • Homework takes too long

  • Trouble focusing and staying on-task

  • Frequently needs instructions to be repeated

  • Loss of confidence

  • Identified as at-risk

  • Difficulty with reading and or comprehension

  • Aversion to school

  • Acts out or becomes withdrawn


Psychologists agree that there are four main brain skills (cognitive skills)  associated with learning:


  • Memory

  • Attention

  • Processing and

  • Sequencing


All these skills must be strong in order for learning to be successful. 


Most children begin school with fully developed cognitive skills.  Children who have one or more weak cognitive skills will struggle with learning.  As these children get older, their struggles become greater and they begin to show signs of loss of confidence and self-esteem.   Left untreated, or incorrectly treated, many of these children will develop an aversion to learning that follows them into adulthood.  Fortunately, it is a relatively fast and easy process to develop cognitive skills that last a life-time.

PATHWAYS specializes in building strong cognitive skills that make reading and learning easier and faster.  


If you think your child may be being held back because of weak cognitive skills, schedule an assessment today.  The cost of the assessment is under $200 and is refunded if you decide to study with us.  Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is dedicated to the success of all of our students. It is our mission to make every student's experience at our learning center a positive and life-changing opportunity.


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is the only learning center on the North Shore that that specializes in the administration of these life changing programs.


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is a distinguished provider of Scientific Learning's Fast ForWord software and a proud finalist of the North Shore News' 2015 Reader's Choice Awards for favorite Educational Program.

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