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Learning Disabilities

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Learning disabilities affect about 20% of children today. Almost all learning disabilities dramatically respond to cognitive skills training.  Developing the core learning skills of memory, attention, processing and sequencing can maximize a child's learning potential.  Every struggling child should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

At Reading & Learning PATHWAYS, we train the brain HOW to learn. PATHWAYS' students quickly develop the cognitive skills essential for academic success.


Our mission is to give every struggling learner an opportunity to make reading and learning easier and faster. At PATHWAYS, we are dedicated to helping students achieve their full academic potential. It is our goal to make every student's learning experience at our center a positive and life-changing opportunity.


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is a learning centre that is a prerequisite to tutoring or other special education programs. We quickly and cost effectively determine why a student is struggling and create individualized programs that maximize learning potential. We are a team of certified Fast ForWord providers. We use interactive computer-based programs to build optimal neural pathways while simultaneously developing the core learning skills of memory, attention, processing and sequencing.


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is the only learning center in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby that specializes in the administration of these life changing programs.


Call us today and Schedule an assessment to find out if our programs are right for your child.

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