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Physicians and Professionals

               Prescription for Learning....

Offering professionals a scientifically rigorous approach and supportive place to refer clients who struggle with reading and or learning.

Physicians and Professionals:


We specialize in the administration of a cognitive skills development program based in the science of neuroplasticity that makes rapid and permanent improvements in language and reading. Designed in the 1990's by four leading neuropsychologists in the United States, the program has been endorsed by Norman Doidge M.D., a distinguished Canadian neuropsychologist and author of The Brain that Changes Itself, and is in wide use around the world.   



Hundreds of research articles substantiate the programs underlying science and results. The program delivers differentiated adaptive learning paths that adjust the focus and difficulty level of the activities based on each participant's response. Multiple detailed daily reports alert us whether the student requires intervention on the next day of study.



Most students using the five day protocol are fully remediated within four to nine months.


Location Options:

  • At our learning center (on-site) - best option

  • At home (off-site) 

  • On and off-site combination

  • Long distance - email and phone supported


Pre- and post- fMRI research on physiological changes in the brain after Fast ForWord (full text)

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Fast ForWord Language Intervention Program:  Four Case Studies

Tejas -- Texas Journal of Audiology and Speech Pathology, Shannon Turner and Donise W. Pearson


Dr. Norman Doidge, leading Canadian Neuroscience expert,  discusses applications of the programs we use in Chapter 3 of his internationally acclaimed book The Brain That changes Itself, reprinted here with permission.


The programs are designed for children and adults who: 


Have difficulty with:


• Expressive and receptive language

• Phonemic awareness and decoding

• Reading fluency

• Reading comprehension

• Writing and reading weakness


Have a diagnosis of:

General academic weakness

• Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD)

• Language impairment

• Dyslexia

• Learning Disability

• Autism (in some cases)



Have a history of:


• Otitis media (ear infections)

• Delayed language development or history thereof

• Speech problems

• Hearing impairment: children with hearing aids or cochlear implants


 Many students come to us after a psycho-educational assessment which has identified the need for cognitive training. If no testing has been done, we use The Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills which consistently yields results that parallel cognitive skills percentile rankings seen in psycho-educational assessments of the same student.  Standardization information available on request.



Students referred by Physicians and Professional Practitioners are eligible for a discount on Cognitive Skills Assessments.

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