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Program Highlights


  • Interactive game-like computer based exercises strengthen core cognitive skills essential for academic success.  Students work hard but feel like they are playing games.


  • Scientifically proven programs are based on the principals of neuroplasticity, the brain can change.


  • The program adjusts with every answer given to ensure an appropriate level of challenge.


  • Detailed daily reports are reviewed by coaches to determine if students require intervention before their next day of study. 



  • At the end of two formative modules, students have strengthened their cognitive skills and reading and learning becomes much easier. 


  • Additional Reading modules accommodate pre-readers through high school if reading is one of the challenges


  • Designed by highly accomplished and acclaimed neuroscientists. 


  • Students can work at our Learning Center, at home or a combination of both.


  • Students work 5 days a week using 30, 40, 50 or 90 minute protocols.


  • All achievements, large and small, are recognized and celebrated, confidence soars.

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