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Although game-like in appearance, the Fast ForWord software modules require a serious commitment from both the child and the parent. The time and frequency identified for the child must be closely adhered to for successful results.

Sounds are the foundation of language, and language

is the gateway to reading and learning.

Students begin with two formative modules and, if necessary, continue on to a Reading module. Using highly sophisticated sound based exercises, the brain learns to process information more efficiently.  Some call these exercises "glasses for the ears" - input to the brain becomes clear and unambiguous.  


The formative modules reconfigure the neural pathways in the brain that simply make reading and learning easier and faster and simultaneously develop the core cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing and sequencing.  The brain prefers to use efficient neural pathways which, once established, continue to strengthen in daily life.


Many of the exercises in the first phase of the software, employ digitally modified speech to help the student better discriminate between sounds. Hearing the difference between the sounds consonants make can be challenging for struggling learners, especially if there is an underlying auditory processing disorder. For example, the difference between the sound that 'B' makes and 'D' makes is very small.

The second phase of the program is comprised of five reading modules - Reading Levels 1 through 5. The picture on the left is a screen from one of the exercises in reading Level 2 called  Magic Bird.   In this exercise, students learn to spell words and connect basic vowel and consonant rules.

This exercise in Reading Level 5 helps develop reading comprehension strategies using a variety of literary structures and devices.  Students learn to organize and sequence information in order to demonstrate comprehension of the material.  The material becomes increasingly complex.  Progress is achieved by  demonstrating mastery of the skills in a particular level.  Students who complete Reading 5 are prepared for the literacy demands of high school.

Reading & Learning PATHWAYS specializes in the implementation of Fast ForWord software.  If your child is struggling with learning and or reading, we have the expertise to help.  Our learning center offers a welcoming environment where your child can quickly develop the skills they need to be successful in the classroom.  If you prefer to work at home, we offer a unique parent tutorial that optimizes at-home Fast ForWord study.


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS serves students in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Burnaby and is the only Learning Center on the North Shore that specializes in the delivery of these life-changing programs.  


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS has been recognized as a distinguished provider of Fast ForWord programs.


We love helping children succeed.

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