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Reading & Comprehension

Quickly develop the skills essential for literacy

Reading and comprehension depend upon these four core learning skills being strong:


  • Memory 

  • Attention

  • Processing 

  • Sequencing


If one or more of these skills is weak, a child will struggle with reading and learning 

Reading is a complex interplay of brain skills.  Before a child can read successfully, they must have developed core learning skills.  When these skills are strong, reading is easy.


Some children learn how to read at a young age but their lack of comprehension interferes with learning.  


If your child is exhibiting signs of poor reading or comprehension, the solution may be easier than you think.

Are your child's core learning skills strong?  Register for a  skills assessment. 

PATHWAYS is the only learning centre in North Vancouver and West Vancouver that specializes in the delivery of these life-changing programs.  The programs we use develop a child's neural connections that optimize learning potential. Once neural pathways are strong, we introduce a rich reading program that accommodates pre-readers through high-school. 


 The programs we use at PATHWAYS develop the skills essential for academic success, restore confidence, are fun, fast and last a life-time. 


Call us today to determine if our programs are right for your child. Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is dedicated to the success of all of our students. It is our mission to make every student's experience at our learning center a positive and life-changing opportunity.

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