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Summer Teen Boot Camp

Where FUN and LEARNING are the priority

Get ready for the most important summer camp your child will ever experience...

Limited to 5 students entering grades six and above

In six weeks, your child will develop skills that will change the way they learn forever:

  • Improved memory

  • Sustained focus and attention

  • Ability to clearly understand instruction

  • Ability to work accurately and faster

  • Organizational skills

  • Motivational skills

  • Public speaking

  • Goal setting

  • Stronger literacy skills

I didn't want to go to this camp, but I cannot believe how much fun it was!  We worked really hard every day.  I know my brain got stronger.  I finished the first two programs and started Reading 4.  I used to hate reading but this was fun.

        PATHWAYS INUKSUK Summer Student

O.K. this camp was pretty good.  Please don't tell my mom. 

        PATHWAYS INUKSUK Summer Student

INUKSUK:  noun, an Inuit marker of a special time or place.


This summer program will be one to remember because of its tremendous impact on your child's academic life. Intensive core skills development combined with life skills and a lot of fun add up to life changing results.

What do parents and students say about the Inuksuk boot camp?

My daughter attended the Pathways summer camp last year and loved it! I worried about her being bored or being with kids that were too young, but this was surely not the case. I received a text from her on the second day and she said, "Mom, I had no idea that my brain could do all of this" I had tears in my eyes. The confidence building, the reinforcement and the pure enjoyment that she received from Andrea and Kirsty was such a positive experience for her. At no time did she ever feel overwhelmed or complain about not wanting to go, which is huge with a teenager! The team building experience and the treats were just an added bonus. I thank you Pathways for getting us on the right track!! We look forward to seeing you again this summer.

                                                        Oralee M. - parent of 15 year old

Learn how to build...
The Impossible Bridge

The teen learning camp at PATHWAYS changed my daughter's life.  I was worried about her because she was getting poor grades and was beginning to dislike school.  I heard about this camp and decided to give it a try.  It sounded like a lot of work for her over the summer, but I felt like it was now or never.  She LOVED the camp and wanted to continue at PATHWAYS even when it was over.  When I got her first report card I realized how much she developed over the summer.  Now she is getting A's and B's (she was a solid C student before).  The school also saw a huge change in her and asked me what made the difference.  I told them PATHWAYS made the difference.  I highly recommend this camp to any parent who wants to help their child be a better student.  One more thing - as my daughter became a better student, her self confidence grew.

                                                                      Julie K - parent 

After attending this year's summer camp the most striking change was Lucie's ability to articulate herself.  I thought I was seeing changes, but was not sure until  I had this  aha- moment in the car.  I was asking her about the book she was reading, expecting her to give me an excuse along the lines : 'Mum, I don't really feel like telling you.' Instead she gave me a comprehensive synopsis of the book. I was stunned! Her sister saw the changes too.
She started reading books on her own account and I could tell it was the first time she actually enjoyed it. Her vocabulary improved and as a consequence her self-confidence.

All the exercises Andrea did with the children lured her out of her comfort zone and complemented the exercises on the computer very well. While she found the program boring in the first place, once she got past the foundation modules, she could see the improvements herself and got more and more excited.
I can only recommend the program, it's money well spent.




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