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Children must first learn HOW to learn before teaching them WHAT to learn



PATHWAYS gives students the opportunity to develop core learning skills essential for academic success.  If a student has a poor memory, has difficulty paying attention or focusing, is slow to process information, or has sequencing challenges, tutoring or special education will not be very effective.  In fact, 20% of children struggle at school because of weak core learning (cognitive) skills.   


Reading & Learning PATHWAYS can identify if one or more weak skills are impacting learning and customize a program to strengthen those skills. Not only do the programs used by PATHWAYS develop a student's core learning skills they also restore confidence which often suffers when learning is difficult. 


Once core skills have been strengthened, we can connect you with outstanding tutors in your area.


Call us today and schedule an assessment to determine if our programs are right for your child. The cost of the assessment is under $200 and is refunded if you decide to study with us. Reading & Learning PATHWAYS is dedicated to the success of all of our students. It is our mission to make every student's experience at our learning center a positive and life-changing opportunity.


PATHWAYS is the only learning centre in North Vancouver and West Vancouver and Burnaby that specializes in the administration of these life-changing programs.


Reading & Learning Pathways is a distinguished provider of Scientific Learning's Fast ForWord software and a proud finalist in the North Shore News' 2015 Reader's Choice Awards for favorite Educational Program.


Many children who struggle with reading and learning cannot benefit from tutoring or special education programs until the underlying cause of the learning problem has been addressed.   


Traditional tutoring works well for mainstream learners.  It does not, however, begin to reach the core of the problem that children who have learning challenges experience.   Tutoring focuses on WHAT the child needs to learn but not on HOW the child learns. 


In fact,  traditional approaches aimed at helping struggling children are labored and lengthy often resulting in the child experiencing frustration, loss of confidence and loss of self-esteem.

Before a child who struggles with learning can be helped by tutoring, they must first develop the brain processing skills essential for learning.

Are your child's core learning skills strong?  Register for a  skills assessment. 

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